So in the comments of Chicken chicken chicken chicken an anonymous commenter (Who was actually sandrine17 ) Dropped in the word list: kittie, spork, ring, hello and sparkling I got it written out a few days ago I just have not had time to post it yet. So here is.....


The lynx kittie mews and pads through the clearing,
he purrs and rubs hello against his mother as she eats.

He sniffs at the plastic cup and sneezes at the acrid smell,
drops of amber liquid sparking in the sun.

Sniffing the dropped food he steps on a used spork,
he shakes his paw to free it from the clinging white bits.

Trotting to his mother he mews and she drops a chunk of bony meat.
he kneads the skin as he chews on the finger

The jeweled ring on it flashes in the dying light

Ya I know another morbid one *Shrugs* just how it came out.
Anyone that wants a Poem drop 5 random words in a comment and I will try to make something a bit less bloody

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Chicken chicken chicken chicken

Thanks to meeksp I have my first random word poem to share here! Thanks MEEKIE!! Her word list was: Library, Chicken, Hammer, wiggle, and Prickly.

Chicken chicken chicken chicken

With a wiggle and a giggle I walk into the Library.
The chicken clucks contently under my arm.
I wander through the aisles stroking her feathers "Brawk".

A prickly librarian stalks over to me, "Take that Animal Out".
I blink and ignore her, she grabs my arm and pulls me roughly.
"What is your damage?? No animals in the library! GET OUT"

My chicken pecks at her wrist drawing blood as I reach for my purse.
She pulls me hard toward the entrance shouting her strange words.
I find my hammer and pull it free, "Brawk brawk Brawk!"

I Swing hard.

I walk to the back to the aisles.
Looking for the Chicken to English dictionaries
... ... ... A siren blares.


 :D :D :D :D  Again if anyone else wants a poem drop random 5 words in a comment and I will see what I can make out of them.

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funny poem

We asked a friend to get 5 random words for me to write poetry with and from a chat he got: Bottle, Potato (Portal anyone? :P )  Sheep, Vitamin, Episiotomy....
Now imagine the bold words in a LARGE Russian mans Voice


Wine drips from the bottle,
Bitter sour wine not from the grape.
HAIR It will give you! He bellows,
HAIR like the sheep on your chest!
Strength, Sight and VITAMINS it gives you!!

He thumps his chest and takes another shot
GOOD for you! I give to my Ewes
Potatoes and Vodka makes them Strong
Never they need Episiotomy!

Now if anyone else wants a poem drop random 5 words in a comment and I will see what I can make out of them.




Silver slides in the vein Blue slips in.
Your cry falls upon deafened minds.
"It will be Fine the Blue will make it better"

Struggle Bound in YOUR mind thrashing
Where no one can see or care
The blue binds, Ties, POISONS, KILLS!
None care for the Hazard they see not.

Fight harder, Scream Louder and they
Just add the pink to the mix
Thrash hard enough to make the Body
Twitch hard enough someone FINALLY SEES

Say it again and again Blue is Poison Blue is Poison
PLEASE take it away!! Down on your knees
Begging till it is gone slowly drift back
To yourself hurts even more now


All act like nothing happened...

Why did they not listen?

Happy new year

It has to get better, cus I am getting better... I decided I am getting better therefore It will and I WILL. The biggest obstacle in our way is ourselves and god help anyone else who gets in the way cus I have to be nice to me... Screw the rest of the world I have to do this for ME for my family and the people that Love me.

Come on 2011 I am ready for you


I'z is broke :( but I know how to deal with it... Pinching pennies, scraping up food and pulling money out of my ass. Some times I forget how good I am at managing when I am broke.

I have been making homemade sourdough bread the trick to sourdough is baking soda. You add some to cut the acid level so that the yeast will grow. Depending on the recipe you use some call for it some don't. I like it because it really helps the bread rise.

Other sourdough tidbits... when you finished making the dough all that flour stuff you scrape up from the counter toss them into the sour dough starter to save a bit of flour. Sourdough waffles taste better then regular ones and are much lighter too boot. Never never use metal with sourdough or it will get eaten by the acid.

If you want to try to make sourdough here is how to make a starter the easy way:

Take a clean 4 L (gallon) jar toss in a tablespoon of dry yeast. Add up to 4 cups of water put in 1 tablespoon of sugar and stir well. Add up too 4 cups of flour (matching the amount of water used) stir well then cover with plastic wrap. Leave it on the counter out of drafts. Stir it 2 or 3 times a day it is ready to use at the earliest 48 hours after mixing. Every time you use some add more flour and water and you will never run out.

Mmmmm I should look into seeing if I can find a bread maker recipe.

Ta for now

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Ever had life pick you up, fuck you over in the least comfortable ways imaginable, drop you on your head and laugh at you while doing so?

Well if you have ever suffered a loss you know what I am talking about. Death dieing and grief is one of the hardest things you will ever do. And the thing is every time you lose someone/thing else and unresolved grief will come back and bite you  in the ass... Hard. I am simply so very very tired.

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Serial web stories or Blooks...

K I have been a long time reader of Ms. Lexy (AKA Alexandra Erin) author of Tales of MU and a firm supporter of web based serials in principle. I read a couple some good some better but rarely do I find one this good. Not since I found Ms. Lexys stories have I found one good enough to plug so here it is.

Seth Gray has come up with an excellent story; it is fast paced full of plot hooks to drag you in and under. So far in his 20 chapters he has created the world of Regan St. James with bright colors and amazing clarity. It has a feel of Buffy as well as Romeo and Juliet, you can see love blossoming though danger and pitfalls abound all around him. I am actually so excited by this story I can not think straight... There plug is kinda out so I am going to go babble in the corner till the next update.

Seth's plug that he kindly made the HTML for so I can just c/p :P

Title: Dead Boyfriend
Rating: Overall, NC-17
Warnings: swearing, violence, and gay sex
Summary: Regan St. James is just your typical eighteen-year-old vampire hunter. He enjoys sharp objects and random hook-ups. But one night, in a quiet little mountain college town, he meets a guy named Ira who just might change his life. If he can survive Ira's relatives, of course.

book one

( Abandon prudishness ye who enter here--fantasy violence and gay sex awaits. )


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Blaugh Sleep is funny some times it makes you feel good some times it makes you feel worse.

The other day I ran into an acquaintance and when she asked about where I was working I told her about my health probs and that I was disabled now... Well she goes off on this MAGIC JUICE... *Headdesk* Well I just nodded and was polite. She was going on and on about how it would fix my diabetes and cholesterol, just by drinking it every day. I said I couldn't afford something like that and maaaaaaaaaaaan that was a mistake. She went into High gear giving this spiel about how people are making millions of dollars every year with this stuff. I said I wasn't a sales person and she was almost offended "Oh this isn't selling anything this is just spreading the word"... Fuck Set myself up for that one. No no none of those "Magic cures" or "Natural cures" are about selling... you just give people the information and it sell itself... Well Gee Whizz Silly me!!  I thought that was what selling stuff was!! OBVIOUSLY I was wrong....

Really there is no magic juice.. there is no magic root, herb, spice or fruit. There is healthy eating and taking care of yourself. Yes some food has more good stuff in it then others... but eating one food too much can be just as bad. Eating healthy food and making sure you get a good amount and variety of fresh fruit and veggies will do more for you then any "magic" food. Yes there are
antioxidants and vitamins and minerals and other things that are good for you; BUT THEY WILL NOT CURE YOU. Taking care of yourself will. And No not every thing will work the same for everyone, every human is different and they have different needs and reactions.

Bah my head hurts now Here is another Tim Minchin video