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Blaugh Sleep is funny some times it makes you feel good some times it makes you feel worse.

The other day I ran into an acquaintance and when she asked about where I was working I told her about my health probs and that I was disabled now... Well she goes off on this MAGIC JUICE... *Headdesk* Well I just nodded and was polite. She was going on and on about how it would fix my diabetes and cholesterol, just by drinking it every day. I said I couldn't afford something like that and maaaaaaaaaaaan that was a mistake. She went into High gear giving this spiel about how people are making millions of dollars every year with this stuff. I said I wasn't a sales person and she was almost offended "Oh this isn't selling anything this is just spreading the word"... Fuck Set myself up for that one. No no none of those "Magic cures" or "Natural cures" are about selling... you just give people the information and it sell itself... Well Gee Whizz Silly me!!  I thought that was what selling stuff was!! OBVIOUSLY I was wrong....

Really there is no magic juice.. there is no magic root, herb, spice or fruit. There is healthy eating and taking care of yourself. Yes some food has more good stuff in it then others... but eating one food too much can be just as bad. Eating healthy food and making sure you get a good amount and variety of fresh fruit and veggies will do more for you then any "magic" food. Yes there are
antioxidants and vitamins and minerals and other things that are good for you; BUT THEY WILL NOT CURE YOU. Taking care of yourself will. And No not every thing will work the same for everyone, every human is different and they have different needs and reactions.

Bah my head hurts now Here is another Tim Minchin video

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