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Serial web stories or Blooks...

K I have been a long time reader of Ms. Lexy (AKA Alexandra Erin) author of Tales of MU and a firm supporter of web based serials in principle. I read a couple some good some better but rarely do I find one this good. Not since I found Ms. Lexys stories have I found one good enough to plug so here it is.

Seth Gray has come up with an excellent story; it is fast paced full of plot hooks to drag you in and under. So far in his 20 chapters he has created the world of Regan St. James with bright colors and amazing clarity. It has a feel of Buffy as well as Romeo and Juliet, you can see love blossoming though danger and pitfalls abound all around him. I am actually so excited by this story I can not think straight... There plug is kinda out so I am going to go babble in the corner till the next update.

Seth's plug that he kindly made the HTML for so I can just c/p :P

Title: Dead Boyfriend
Rating: Overall, NC-17
Warnings: swearing, violence, and gay sex
Summary: Regan St. James is just your typical eighteen-year-old vampire hunter. He enjoys sharp objects and random hook-ups. But one night, in a quiet little mountain college town, he meets a guy named Ira who just might change his life. If he can survive Ira's relatives, of course.

book one

( Abandon prudishness ye who enter here--fantasy violence and gay sex awaits. )

Tags: dead boyfriend, hyper, tales of mu
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