fan_tasylov_er (fan_tasylov_er) wrote,

funny poem

We asked a friend to get 5 random words for me to write poetry with and from a chat he got: Bottle, Potato (Portal anyone? :P )  Sheep, Vitamin, Episiotomy....
Now imagine the bold words in a LARGE Russian mans Voice


Wine drips from the bottle,
Bitter sour wine not from the grape.
HAIR It will give you! He bellows,
HAIR like the sheep on your chest!
Strength, Sight and VITAMINS it gives you!!

He thumps his chest and takes another shot
GOOD for you! I give to my Ewes
Potatoes and Vodka makes them Strong
Never they need Episiotomy!

Now if anyone else wants a poem drop random 5 words in a comment and I will see what I can make out of them.

Tags: poetry
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