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Chicken chicken chicken chicken

Thanks to meeksp I have my first random word poem to share here! Thanks MEEKIE!! Her word list was: Library, Chicken, Hammer, wiggle, and Prickly.

Chicken chicken chicken chicken

With a wiggle and a giggle I walk into the Library.
The chicken clucks contently under my arm.
I wander through the aisles stroking her feathers "Brawk".

A prickly librarian stalks over to me, "Take that Animal Out".
I blink and ignore her, she grabs my arm and pulls me roughly.
"What is your damage?? No animals in the library! GET OUT"

My chicken pecks at her wrist drawing blood as I reach for my purse.
She pulls me hard toward the entrance shouting her strange words.
I find my hammer and pull it free, "Brawk brawk Brawk!"

I Swing hard.

I walk to the back to the aisles.
Looking for the Chicken to English dictionaries
... ... ... A siren blares.


 :D :D :D :D  Again if anyone else wants a poem drop random 5 words in a comment and I will see what I can make out of them.

Tags: poetry
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