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So in the comments of Chicken chicken chicken chicken an anonymous commenter (Who was actually sandrine17 ) Dropped in the word list: kittie, spork, ring, hello and sparkling I got it written out a few days ago I just have not had time to post it yet. So here is.....


The lynx kittie mews and pads through the clearing,
he purrs and rubs hello against his mother as she eats.

He sniffs at the plastic cup and sneezes at the acrid smell,
drops of amber liquid sparking in the sun.

Sniffing the dropped food he steps on a used spork,
he shakes his paw to free it from the clinging white bits.

Trotting to his mother he mews and she drops a chunk of bony meat.
he kneads the skin as he chews on the finger

The jeweled ring on it flashes in the dying light

Ya I know another morbid one *Shrugs* just how it came out.
Anyone that wants a Poem drop 5 random words in a comment and I will try to make something a bit less bloody

Tags: poetry
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