How can you tell if you are being lied to online?

I mean in person you can look for signs such as nervous gestures, blinking, rapid breathing higher pulse... but online?

Online someone can tell you anything they want no matter how bad it ends up hurting you... Some for the thrill s
ome for desperate calls for attention. I am in a pretty good social Forum and I truly believe the people there wouldn't lie to me... Now at least. There were a few people that would lie and manipulate the other people on the forum... The fact that they felt they had to lie hurt Me more then the lies themselves.

Somethings are totally believable and believing them winds you into the deceit... When people would lie to try
and hurt someone else I couldn't stand it... it hurt so deeply because well why would someone I care about deliberately lie to hurt someone else I care about? People in Real life don't need to live in a Soap Opera plot... Why do they do things that causes it? 

Part of it comes down to the primal "Mine" idea... Normal* people have grown past the worst of this idea but most people haven't. The thought that something/person/area belongs to you... and like the primal animal that is in all of us** you Defend your turf... A million years ago you might have done this by throwing rocks or sticks or simply going apeshit biting and clawing. But Now... now, we have much more effective weapons. 

No I am not talking about guns or martial arts or even an aluminum baseball bat. I am talking about the very weapon I am communicating to you with... Words. Starting whispering campaigns about your "perceived" enemy, rumors, even putting words in their mouth. And if you can't do that... you threaten them... tell them they are worthless or lazy or weak... Driving the weapon deeper into their hearts with every word.

Verbal abuse is rampant and not only in schools with your kids... Ya that is the most visual example of word assault*** Look at the 11 year olds that killed themselves this year... My friend
ValkyriePhoenix  brought to my attention of the plight of Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover and Jaheem Herrera two innocent boys that suffered from verbal word abuse so severely they killed themselves over it. It tears my heart to see the abuse those boys suffered but even more is the abuse adults subject each other to. Because then it is much more malignant... they know, they KNOW how their words can harm but they do it anyway. Why? Because they are afraid or over territorial. But you know something... that is no fucking excuse.

I have seen brother against brother sister against sister and I ask myself... Why haven't they learned? This is WRONG....

* Ummm some vague idea of a well adjusted happy adult that supposedly is alive somewhere on this mudball we call home
** It is called the Mid-brain
*** Ummm did I coin a new phrase?  

As with my last post I had a Tim Minchin vid to share on the subject... this subject also has a Tim Tube to share

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*Wanders in*

Ummm ... *Looks around* Oh... wait... I know this place... I forgot about this...

Well, actually, no that is a lie...

I didn't I just had no idea what to talk about here; I exhausted the poetry and I don't really like to talk about my current personal life. So I may
wax philosophical  over brain patterns and cognitive behaviors... May toss some tidbit out from the books I plan to write one day... I might get a ghost writer/partner thing what ever that I can just gush stuff at and they can type it... they better be able to do 200 words per minute from dictation... I tend to talk fast when I am excited. I Might Juuuuuuuuuust maybe find out how to record myself and post it here. So when I do one of my talks; see *Blush* I like talk to an "Audience" <.< >.> it is usually the weeds and wild flowers/Snow drifts as I wait for the kids' bus *Ahem*. So if I can figure out how... I may show my face around here.

So here is one Cognitive babble I have had:

 I have always had problems with anger... the abused often do and through out my life I tried to tame my anger or suppress it. That don't work too good.

So I turned, in the past ... wow about 11 years ago now, to therapy. Then I was a confident young adult  with a good job, a loving partner and a home. I would rant about my coworkers or how things weren't fair and all sorts of stuff from my past. Therapists after therapist (I had to switch several time for various reasons) tried to help me and in a way they did; they got me thinking about why I was angry and that I was allowed to be angry. But there was always something missing some key I couldn't find to control my anger.

When I found My therapist in 2005 it was a bit more crucial to help me survive the loss of my father, then then deal with the anger issues. It has been something that has included in the therapy but more of a "This is an emotion learn to use your wise mind to rule it" then attention directly at the anger itself. And lately I have been realizing that most anger is not real.

Now I know what you are thinking "WTF How can that visceral, all encompassing, Driving emotion not be real??" But really what is anger? It is a biological reaction when your heat beats faster, your adrenalin skyrockets, you sweat more and you react instead of acting. Sound familiar? What other emotion feels like that?.... Fear

When you are driving and someone cuts you off, you curse and swear, angry that they are idiots and are generally pissed off yes? But if you could slow it down... if you could watch from a distance inside your head what REALLY happens... The car starts to veer in front of you... Your reaction... Adrenalin shoots through your system you are afraid of being hit so you take what ever steps necessary to avoid a collision. Then you get angry. Not because they are idiots but because you were afraid. Your life, your existence in some way was threatened.

When you break it down almost all anger comes from fear whether is is because some one is threatening you/loved ones, taking your Stuff*, or doing something that sparks your fear. Like if You have real issues with heights and your friend or someone you care about decides to taunt you by stepping closer and closer to the edge you get angry and yell at them because you are afraid they will fall. Not because you are frustrated with them.

That leads to the other reason for anger something that happens much less often. Frustration, best example is trying to fit pegs in a hole like the little kids toy... the pegs are there and you can put in some but some others just don't fit and you try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try till you are ready to cry because you are so frustrated. But this also has a hint of fear to it as well. Say that you are trying to fix something for someone whether it is for your work or to do something
good for a loved one (read impress). And it just isn't working you get angry... why? Partially because it is not working the right way and partially because you are afraid that this failure will diminish you in the eyes of the one watching. Doesn't matter if it is the eyes of your boss or the eyes of your child the fear of being diminished is primal. Look at the Japanese culture; how much emphasis they put on "Saving Face".

The best example I can think of is my brother. While my Father was dieing he was often angry but how he expressed it was unusual. He cut his hair from mid back to a close cut style very similar to our fathers chosen style. He threw himself into building a bathroom for our father... he would have his regular job DJing at a karaoke bar sleep for 2 or 3 hours then come to Dads house and work himself to the bone and when something was not working he would curse and swear but if you looked at him you could see the panic in his eye... the fear he would fail his father... The very last chance he had to impress him.

With everything I have been learning about the mind and how it works and more importantly why it works the way it does I have been slowly discovering the real person I am... and now... When I feel angry and want to lash out I try** to ask myself "What are you so afraid of?"

*Stuff can mean anything you feel belongs to you, from your possessions, friends, your Position, or your Social Standing... this is real primal stuff

**Well If I can breath and still have some control over my reactions... once a full throttle I BE PISSED mood is reached I am not thinking with the fore-brain

Speaking of Anger :D Have I got a YouTube for you! A friend turned me on to Tim Minchin recently and he has a "Poem" that is just wonderful.

Tim is a god I swear, the man uses humor and satire to address
volatile issu
es that a lot pf politicians don't touch willingly (Cus they don't want to be lynched). I will save Taboo for another update but because I Love it so I will give you one more precious nugget of Shiny shiny Tim Gold.

This has to be my fav song by Ti
m... Comedy doesn't usually make you cry from the awesome truth in it while it is making you bust your gut laughing. I do think that This is my theme song now; because you know... I am not Perfect.... But I am Mine

Now the war of ins
omnia and fatigue, poisoning is coming to an end and I shall nap soon Hope you like my ramblings *Blush*

Linkies to cool places*Angry (Feet)
  Tales of MU

* cus I don't know how to put it on the side


Opps I fell down on the job.....

Hee hee hee My hubbie is home from camp so I have forgotten* to post here so I will try to pick it up again. Toodles ;)

*BUSY hee hee

From Heaven To My Eyes...
They Swirl...
They Twirl...
Floating To My Mind...
I Swirl...
I Twirl...
Swept Up With Them...
Beautie Undefined.
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? What is it...
? Am I ok...
? Will I die...
? Can you stop it...
? Why did it happen...
? God Can You help me...
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they push out of the night
I lay gasping to grasp my life

Dec 4 2004
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sweet slumber

nestled in clouds

swooping through

sky so blue

miss you

I do

night again

day again

will it

never end



7:42:47 AM

October 22, 2004

A Cookie to who ever figures out what I am talking about :)

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DeniCamuiTsukino Gave me a great Idea :)

I will start posting My Poetry here... This one is a poem Piers Anthony posted on his newsletter last year... I wrote it & showed it to him & he really liked this one. 

they have eyes.... but they are blind ones
they see the hate... but they are blind
they hear the cries... but they are deaf
they feel the pain... but they are numb
they know the struggle... but they can't think
they take in the world... but they shut the door
I have eyes... I can see
I see the hate... I guard against it
I hear the cries... I am listening
I feel the pain... I cry to share it
I know the struggle... I am trying to fight
I want the world... but they shut me out
they locked me in... with word and labels
I fight with all my strength... but am doomed to fail
they fear my weakness... I try to control it
I cry for help... they condemn me
they will not touch me... I can't reach
I beg for love... but they have stone hearts
Alone in my prison they made me...
I Weep

October 20, 2004 7:47:04 PM
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Ice Cream Mustach

Well my Kid is home, she was away for a long weekend sleepover (whoo Mom got to sleep). We are settling down for the night with Chocolate Ice cream Yumm. I can only hope she will sleep well tonight, she hasn't since her Dad went to mine camp. Speaking of my hubbie, he is having a good go at this camp & we are looking forward to when he comes home in 5 weeks. I need to put together a care package for him he wants a camera & new running shoes! Oh well we will get his first check soon to cover that. Soon I will have to get my homework for my core mindfulness class done. I have to do 3 pages before thursday. I am really hoping this class will help me deal being a part-time single parent. I really miss my Hubbie; having him gone is a lot harder then I thought it would be lol. Gotta blast the kid is finished her Ice cream so we need to brush teeth & all that jazz. 
Sleep Well Fan

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I don't know what I will do with this

Well I am not sure what I will use this for yet... I may post pics of my sculptures, try to write one of the multiple stories in my head or be Emo about my hubbie being away working at camp. I will definitely talk about my kid & how cute she is/how annoying she can be lol. So you pick what should I do?

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How should I use this journal?

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